What people who work in the Amazon think about deforestation – BBC News

One of the world’s greatest defences against climate change – the Amazon rainforest – is under growing attack from deforestation.

But many of those working and making a living in it – including those cutting down its trees – say they depend on the forest and its resources for their own survival.

On Tuesday at the COP26 climate summit, more than 100 countries, covering about 85% of the world’s rainforests, are due to sign a pledge promising to stop deforestation by 2030.

Brazil is among the signatories, although President Jair Bolsonaro is not attending the summit and deforestation has surged under his leadership.

BBC international correspondent Orla Guerin visited Brazil’s Rondônia state and met four people with differing views: a logger, an environmental policeman, a cattle rancher and an environmental activist.

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