Watch Vin Diesel Drive Through a Minefield in ‘F9’ | Anatomy of a Scene

“‘Peligro, minas,’ what does that mean?” asks Roman (Tyrese Gibson), as he, Dom (Vin Diesel) and others in the crew are being chased through a jungle in the fictional Central American locale Montequinto. He will soon, and loudly, discover the answer in this scene from “F9,” the latest in the “Fast & Furious” franchise.

A car chase through a minefield will feel perfectly appropriate for fans of these films. The series continues to up the ante on its repertoire of outrageous stunts. Here, the director Justin Lin uses an area in Southern Thailand to double for Central America, and blows up cars in a field amid gorgeous landscapes.

It’s the first major action set piece of “F9” and was staged by having stunt drivers navigate through real explosions. In this video, Lin says these kinds of practical effects are essential to the spirit of the franchise.
“It doesn’t matter if it’s the 200th explosion of my career, it always feels viscerally just as impactful.”

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