The Rise of Giorgia Meloni: Italy’s first woman PM? – BBC Newsnight

Leader of the far-right Brothers of Italy Giorgia Meloni is on track, according to some polls, to become Italy’s first female Prime Minister from a party with a history of fascism.

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With the fall of Mario Draghi’s government and an election scheduled in September are Meloni and the Brothers of Italy the likely new government? And what would they do if they take power?

As the far right Brothers of Italy have climbed the polls, so too have Italy’s borrowing costs after the country took a huge EU Covid loan, stoking fears of a renewal of the Eurozone debt crisis.

Newsnight’s Policy Editor Lewis Goodall speaks to Brothers of Italy Mayor Pierluigi Biondi and Democratic Party Vice-President Debora Serracchiani about what Italians and Europe can expect if she becomes PM.

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