#NoExcuse Podcast ep01 – Cultivating a culture of respect: everyone’s business

In this episode, Dr. Gaya Gamhewage, Director of Prevention of and Response to Sexual Misconduct at the World Health Organization, delves into the challenging topic of sexual misconduct within the humanitarian and development sectors. She discusses her evolving emotions when first confronted with allegations of sexual exploitation.

Dr. Gamhewage emphasizes the need for a cultural shift within the organization, where ethical behavior is as vital as excellence in public health. She encourages everyone to acknowledge their roles in shaping the organization’s culture, understanding their accountabilities, and fostering emotional intelligence.

The podcast format, she explains, offers a unique platform for candid conversations, story sharing, and learning. It provides a space for diverse perspectives and honest discussions, which is crucial for addressing a deeply ingrained issue like sexual misconduct.

The episode closes with an invitation for listeners to subscribe, actively engage, and contribute to cultural change, echoing the podcast’s powerful message: “No Excuse” for not taking responsibility in preventing and responding to sexual misconduct.

This podcast contains discussions on sexual misconduct. Topics such as sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment may be discussed. Listener discretion is advised, and we encourage self-care and seeking professional support as needed.