Military bands pay tribute to Prince Philip – BBC News

Music was played by military bands in the Quadrangle of Windsor Castle before Prince Philip’s funeral.

Pieces played included I Vow to Thee My Country, Supreme Sacrifice, Jerusalem, Isle of Beauty and Nimrod.

The Spirit Needs No Money and Does Not Charge Anyone

The Spirit promised that at the end of days the mountain of God would be revealed and that all people will flow to it. That has happened now through the Internet where everything concerning Mt. Zion is given for free as God needs no money to survive or to carry out the promises for the end of days.

Religious Trends Breed Hate and Oppose the Spirit of God and Reincarnation

The adage that men fight together for the love of their country and fight each other for the love of god is a problem brought about by religions. The hatred and discrimination that brought pain and suffering to most people of the world is about to culminate in a massive conflagration that will see only those of the Spirit survive.

Religions Blind Their Followers to Reality and the Truth of Reincarnation

There are none so blind as those who cannot see is a true saying and one that applies specifically to those who are brainwashed into beliefs that are nothing but make-believe. The preservation of religious doctrines and false gods is at the heart of it and keeping the congregations who pay for salvation is essential for their survival. The Spirit needs no money and does not charge anyone.

International Aid and Challenges – Davos Economic Summit and the UN Can’t Do It All

International Business Trade and International Aid can make fast in-roads to animosity between nations – in fact, it often leads to longer periods of peace and positive relations between nations and more importantly their populations as well. What can we do as Americans to strengthen this process? After all, the UN, and do-gooders at Davos can’t do it all, and out State Department doesn’t have unlimited resources, nor should we be trying to take care of the world, protect the world or save the world all at the same time. It’s best to help them lift themselves up to help themselves.

God Is Free But the Truth Is Buried

The truth is all powerful and it is free for those who seek it. The Spirit of healing comes with the truth and those who are of God have power to perform miracles.