‘I can’t forget her’ – Myanmar’s soldiers admit atrocities – BBC News

Soldiers in the Myanmar military have admitted to carrying out gross human rights abuses on the orders of the military.

Six soliders – who recently defected – have given rare in-depth interviews to the BBC in which they describe killing and raping civilians and the burning of villages.

The military seized power from the democratically-elected government led by Aung San Suu Kyi in a coup last year and is now trying to crush the armed civilian uprising against them.

A warning: this report contains distressing images and testimony.

Reporter: Rebecca Henschke
Produced and directed by: Charlotte Attwood, Ko Ko Aung and Rebecca Henschke
Edited by: Derrick Evans
Graphics by: Aghnia Adzkia, Arvin Supriyadi and Davies Surya

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