Criminals and sanctions-busters exploiting UK secrecy loophole – BBC Newsnight

An offshore firm helped create companies used by members of Vladimir Putin’s inner circle, including one hiding the late mercenary boss Yevgeny Prigozhin’s yacht, the BBC has revealed.

Seychelles-based Alpha Consulting also helped to form more than 900 English, Welsh and Northern Irish partnerships which used a secrecy loophole to conceal their true owners.

Alpha said it is not responsible for how the companies it helped set up are used by its clients and it always followed the law.

Reporter: Andy Verity
Producers: James Melley, James Oliver, Will Dahlgreen
Editors: Joe Jubeh, Ehsan Imani, Fredric Sabella
Graphics: Carmela Joannou
Camera: Jack Garland

This investigation was carried out by BBC Newsnight, Finance Uncovered, and the Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation.

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